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Tri-County Home Show
January 26th,27th, & 28th 2018
Hours: Fri. 10 am- 6 pm Sat. 10 am- 6 pm Sun. 
10 am- 5pm
The show will be celebrating its 32nd year this January and offers a large home show atmosphere in the newly renovated Metroplex Expo Center in Liberty, Ohio. The show features large beautiful displays of landscaping, and over 160 exhibitors showing everything exciting and new for your home and garden.
Newest Designs for your Home and Garden!
The Tri-County Home Show is the sure cure for cabin fever. Patrons turn out by the thousands to see all that the show has to offer.
                            P.O.Box 505 Niles, Ohio 44446
email: midamericaevents@aol.com (800) 431-3343
​Well-insulated windows separate your home from extreme exterior temperatures, reducing adjustments required by your heating and cooling system. This can often translate into lower energy costs. Windows are also the cornerstone of your home’s visual interest, both inside and from the curb. Windows can add a striking feature and focal point to your home.
Mid America Events
Metroplex Expo Center
1620 Motor Inn Dr.
Girard, OH 44420
Laminate flooring is a relatively new invention which has taken the world of floor surface covering by storm. Versatile, easy to maintain, and reasonably priced, some people consider this a “super material.”